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Projects and activities | 28 May 2021

CREDO: Improved credibility assessment in EU asylum procedures

Migration and Demography

The overall goal of the CREDO project is to contribute to better structured, objective, high-quality and protection-oriented credibility assessment practices in asylum procedures conducted by EU Member States, as well as to promote a harmonized approach, reflecting relevant provisions in EU law and international standards. Based on identified good practices, this goal is to be achieved through several methods:

a) by identifying exemplary practices and shortcomings in the application o fcredibility-related guidance in EU Member States’ asylum practices,

b) by establishing and promoting a firm basis for multidisciplinary training on credibility assessment (including guidance, curriculum and methodology) that is accessible to all relevant target groups, and

c) by raising awareness about the necessity for structured and objective credibility assessment among national decision makers and EU policy-makers.