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Joined 10/08/2022

Ellen Bruno

Policy analyst

Marine biologist with thorough understanding of policy making both at EU, Baltic and Swedish level.

Throughout my professional life, I have worked with the protection and sustainable use of marine and limnic ecosystems and resources. This has given me a good understanding of where and when scientific knowledge should be brought into political processes.

In my role as a policy analysist, I help researchers, mainly in the area of chemicals, climate change and biodiversity, to keep track of ongoing political processes globally, at EU-level and in Sweden - and to know what knowledge is needed from them, when and to who. I also help to convey scientific knowledge from Stockholm University to decision-makers and other actors in the society.

I am a marine ecotoxicologist with experience from the County Administrative Board, the European Commission and several large environmental organizations and have for periods immersed myself in everything from fishing, aquaculture, environmental toxins, seals, cormorants, porpoises, hydropower, boating, beach protection, eutrophication, consumption, to environmental monitoring, marine protection, marine spatial planning, wind power and under water noise. I don't believe that a single actor can save the Baltic Sea environment, it must be done in close cooperation between politics, authorities, environmental organizations, media, eco-labels, companies/operators and research. I want to act as a link in between. 

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