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Supporting policy with scientific evidence

We mobilise people and resources to create, curate, make sense of and use knowledge to inform policymaking across Europe.


ITC-ILO - International Training Centre of the International Labour Organisation

The Centre provides training and related services that develop human resources and institutional capabilities. We thereby contribute to achieving the ILO's goal of decent work for women and men.

We are a unique institution whose specific assets include our:

- reservoir of expertise on employment, labour, human resources development and capacity-building;
- in-depth knowledge of the specific social, economic and cultural conditions of different countries and regions;
- world-wide network of partner institutions and resource persons;
- close links with the ILO and the whole United Nations system;
- strong client orientation, multi-lingual delivery, inter-disciplinary perspective and gender sensitivity;
- constant evaluation and fine-tuning of our services;
- cutting-edge information and communication technology;
- modern residential facilities on our campus in Turin, Italy;
- favourable location for relevant study visits, in the heart of Europe;
- advanced training facilities, global scope and multi-cultural learning environment.