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We mobilise people and resources to create, curate, make sense of and use knowledge to inform policymaking across Europe.


ECPAT - End Child Prostitution in Asian Tourism

ECPAT began in 1990 as a campaign to End Child Prostitution in Asian Tourism. Since then, our ambitious mission has required us to build a very unique kind of organisation, mixing broad geographical coverage and first-hand experience of the issue with advocacy at national, regional and international levels, all informed by high quality research and analysis.

Working through a growing network of 97 civil society organisations in 88 countries.

Their work and solid partnerships have earned them a reputation as a world-class expert on sexual exploitation of children. Governments and civil society organisations worldwide recognise ECPAT as the only international NGO network solely dedicated to the fight against sexual exploitation of children.

Produce cutting-edge research to advance the fight against the commercial sexual exploitation of children. Growing network of 97 civil society organisations in 88 countries.