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News | 11 May 2022

The report on the final outcomes of the Conference on the Future of Europe is now online

The report on the final outcomes of the Conference on the Future of Europe - - is now online. The report was presented to the Presidents of the three institutions on 9th of May 2022 and it provides a detailed account of the entire process, including an overview of the various activities undertaken in the context of the Conference and the final 49 proposals on the future of Europe (which were achieved after almost a year of deliberations).

The Conference was an immense challenge: it was the first time that a transnational, multilingual and interinstitutional exercise of deliberative democracy was organised, involving thousands of European citizens as well as political actors, social partners, civil society representatives and key stakeholders. It has also proven its historical relevance and importance in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic and the Russian aggression of Ukraine.

The Conference concluded its work on 9th May 2022, with this report representing the final outcome that includes 49 proposals to the three EU Institutions. The proposals reflect the expectations of European citizens on the nine headline topics of the Conference - “These proposals make very clear that the EU must act to achieve the green and digital transitions, strengthen Europe’s resilience and its social contract, while addressing inequalities and ensuring that the European Union is a fair, sustainable, innovative and competitive economy that leaves no one behind. The geopolitical developments during the Conference, and especially the Russian war of aggression against Ukraine, have also shown that the EU needs to be more assertive, taking a leading global role in promoting its values and standards in a world increasingly in turmoil”.

The three Institutions will now examine how to follow up effectively on this report, each within the framework of their competences and in accordance with the Treaties. A feedback event is planned to take place in autumn to update the citizens on the Institutions' response and their commitment.