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News | 17 September 2020

The JRC contributes to the discussion on Localisation of the SDGs in Baltic Cities

In September, the webinar series UBC TALKS will dive into the in-depth discussions of implementing SDGs in the Baltic Sea Region by UBC Member Cities, with contribution by the Joint Research Centre.

Cities have an important role in the successful implementation of the SDGs. The Union of Baltic Cities organises a serie of webinars to discuss topic of "Local work on the Sustainable Development Goals in UBC Cities".

It starts on 22 September exploring how to get started with the VLR process and share experiences from UBC cities.

The URBAN2030 JRC's project and its "European Handbook for SDG Voluntary Local Reviews" will be presented and discussed. 

Other topics presented include:

  • National Level Reporting
  • Voluntary Local Review movement
  • VLR Reports from Helsinki and Turku