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Supporting policy with scientific evidence

We mobilise people and resources to create, curate, make sense of and use knowledge to inform policymaking across Europe.

Navigation page | 11 Jun 2021

Learning and Development Resources - Evidence Informed Policy

A number of resources for developing the knowledge, skills, and attitudes of researchers and policymaker to better connect scientific knowledge and policymaking.

Science for Policy – Maximise you Policy Impact

This course is essential for researchers who would like their research results to have greater policy impact, but may not have the know-how to communicate effectively with policymakers. The Science…

Competence frameworks for policymakers and researchers

Check your own competences The new self-reflection tool to explore your own competences as a researchers in the science for policy field or as a policymaker aspiring to make innovative policy…

10 Tips for Researchers: How to achieve impact on policy

Today we face major policy challenges, which cannot be solved without scientific evidence. Science and policy are different worlds, but they…

Training Material: Science for Policy

2-day professional training course material on assessing science, understanding policymaking processes, and gaining insight into the interaction between the different paradigms in which scientists, policymakers, and politicians…