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Key reports and analysis

AI Landscape and Investments

AI Landscape 2009-2018 report

This report analyses and compares countries and regions in the evolving international industrial and research landscape of Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Defining Artificial Intelligence

This report proposes an operational definition of artificial intelligence to be adopted in the context of AI Watch.

Estimating investments in General Purpose Technologies: The case of AI Investments in Europe

AI Watch has developed a comprehensive methodology to estimate AI investments and applied it to the European economy.

Strategic Actions and Coordination

National strategies on Artificial Intelligence

This on-line report presents information on all EU Member States' national AI strategies in a structured and comprehensive way.

Coordinated Action Plan on AI

The European Commission, together with Member States, published their coordinated action plan in December 2018.

AI for the Public Sector

Peer Learning Workshops and Reports

Engagement with relevant stakeholders is of particular importance for better understanding the potential use and impact of AI for the public sector.

Artificial Intelligence in public services

This report presents the first structured mapping of the use and impact of AI in public services in Europe

Public Sector Modernisation for EU Recovery and Resilience

A policy brief on how digital technologies can modernise the public sector

Survey on Artificial Intelligence use in the public sector launched

Have your say until the 15th of May 2021 on the use of AI in the public sector!

AI in the Health Sector

Report on AI Uptake in Health and Healthcare published

This report presents the results of a sectoral analysis of AI in health and health care.

Artificial Intelligence and Digital Transformation: early lessons from the COVID-19 crisis

The COVID-19 pandemic has created an extraordinary medical, economic and social emergency. To contain the spread of the virus, many countries adopted a lock down policy closing schools

Evolution of AI Technology

AI Watch: Assessing Technology Readiness Levels for Artificial Intelligence

The AI Watch report aims to define the maturity of an illustrative set of AI technologies through the use of Technology Readiness Level (TRL) assessment.

[A]I Collaboratory: Tracking the evolution of AI

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has become an area of strategic importance with potential to be a key driver of economic development. AI is also widely recognised as a technology with a strong

Historical Evolution of Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence (AI) can have a major impact on the way modern societies respond to the hard challenges they face. Properly harnessed, AI can create

A timeline for visualising the AI history

A timeline visualization of selected important AI breakthroughs from 1950 to today

Skills and education

Academic offer of advanced digital skills 

The Academic offer of advanced digital skills report provides the number and characteristics of education programmes on advanced digital skills provided in 33 European countries

Estimation of tertiary education places in AI in the EU

Estimation of supply and demand of tertiary education places in advanced digital profiles in the EU

Activity reports

AI Watch 2019 activity report

This report provides an overview of all AI Watch activities in 2019