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DATASET | 27 May 2021
The dataset includes time series data on the flows of international migrants to and from countries as recorded by 45 countries that gather this information systematically. The dataset contains annual data on the flows...
DATASET | 27 May 2021
The UN publishes global population projections and estimates every two years from 1951 using current population by age; and age-specific rates of fertility; mortality and migration to assess...
DATASET | 27 May 2021
The United Nations Global Migration Database (UNGMD) is a comprehensive collection of empirical data on the number (“stock”) of international migrants by country of birth and citizenship; sex and age as enumerated...
DATASET | 27 May 2021
The dataset presents estimates of international migrant stocks by age; sex and origin. Estimates are available for 1990; 1995; 2000; 2005; 2010; 2015 and 2019 and for all...
DATASET | 27 May 2021
As members of the Global Migration Group (GMG) the Population Division of UN/DESA; in collaboration with UNICEF and other members of the data and research working group; prepared this common set of indicators...