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PUBLICATION | 20 June 2021
This report provides an analysis of the fiscal impact of migration in the European Union in the past and the future. It highlights that currently natives generally show a higher net fiscal contribution...
PUBLICATION | 20 June 2021
Using five waves of the European Labour Force Survey for the period 2011-2016 we analyse the differential incidence of overeducation between natives and migrants in twenty-four EU Member...
PUBLICATION | 20 June 2021
The aim of this report is to provide insights on the implications that structural changes in the labour market related to the Digital Transformation (DT) could have on the integration of EU mobile citizens and third...
PUBLICATION | 20 June 2021
Embedded in the “dual labour market” theory which focuses on the role of structural characteristics of national labour markets in determining the demand for foreign labour force, this report intends...