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PAGE | 14 Nov 2023
Whole Grain Examples of definitions of whole grain Source Definition Grains Included Swedish National Food Administration 2015 Whole grain is defined as...
PAGE | 14 Nov 2023
Whole grains are considered as significant components of a healthy diet. Consumption of whole grains is associated with a reduction in the risk of developing non-communicable diseases.
BLOG POST | 02 Oct 2023
Οn 18 September, JRC.F1 colleagues from the Health Promotion team presented and launched the Commission’s newest tool, the Food and Beverages Labels Explorer – or FABLE, at the final...
Launch of FABLE
PAGE | 04 Nov 2021
Whole Grain AACC International (2000) American Association of Cereal Chemists, Whole grains definition AACC International (2012a) American Association of Cereal Chemists, Whole...
PAGE | 03 Sep 2021
Whole Grain Health effects related to whole grain intake as described by food and health-related organisations For health effects related to intake of fibre specifically, refer to...
PAGE | 09 Apr 2021
Whole Grain Dietary recommendations for whole grain intake as described by food- and health-related organisations Whole grains, as a food group, include whole grains as single...
DATASET | 10 Mar 2021
Whole Grain Examples of the nutritional value of whole grains Values are given per 100 g of raw product. For comparison purposes, the refined counterpart of whole...