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Knowledge Centre for Global Food and Nutrition Security

We support the EU global commitment to end hunger, achieve food security and improve nutrition through a dedicated, reinforced science-policy interface and a fostered inter-policy dialogue.

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PUBLICATION | 20 October 2022
The 2022 MPI Report finds that reducing poverty at scale is possible and unveils new 'poverty profiles' that can offer a breakthrough in development efforts to tackle the interlinked aspects...
PUBLICATION | 10 October 2022
The political change after 15 August 2021 plunged the country into a humanitarian and economic crisis that devastated peoples’ lives and livelihoods. As the De Facto Authorities (DFA) mark...
ONLINE RESOURCE | 14 January 2022
The Coastal Fisheries Initiative (CFI) is a global effort to preserve marine resources and ensure that coastal fisheries can continue to play their crucial role in society, contributing...
PUBLICATION | 30 November 2021
The protracted conflict in Yemen has led to urgent, widespread humanitarian and development crises and resulted in significant damage to the economy, physical infrastructure, service provision, health, and education...