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PAGE | 20 Sep 2022
Once the world’s most important migrant sending region, Europe has, since the 1960s, become a prime migration destination.
PAGE | 15 Dec 2021
The most important reasons for international migration are differences in income and economic opportunities between countries.
PAGE | 11 Nov 2021
Migration from outside the EU can be expected to continue for the foreseeable future.
PAGE | 11 Nov 2021
The number of people living outside their country of birth has been growing continuously from 153 million in 1990 and 173 million in 2000 to 281 million in mid-2020.
PAGE | 11 Nov 2021
The social and political significance of migration has increased. Migration flows and dynamics have become more mixed in an interconnected world.
Impact assessment of interlinkages between the megatrends: Changing security paradigm, Climate change and environmental degradation, Aggravating resource scarcity, Increasing significance of migration and Growing consumerism.
Security and geopolitics in a changing climate
PAGE | 11 Dec 2020
Millions of people could be displaced due to extreme weather events, particularly in developing countries with low income. Of the estimated 971 million people -- over...
PAGE | 08 Sep 2020
Knowledge Centre on Migration and Demography - Independent scientific evidence for EU policymaking in migration and demography related fieldsAnnual Report on Migration and Asylum, European Migration Network...
PAGE | 08 Sep 2020
Eurobarometer surveys between 2011 and 2019 show that the shares of people mentioning immigration as one of the most important issues for the EU reached a peak during the so-called asylum...