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We foster a strategic, future-oriented and anticipatory culture in the EU policymaking process.

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PAGE | 13 Feb 2023
Genetic engineering can be applied to modify nature. And wearable sensors and human enhancement by robotics for e.g. are being increasingly applied.
PAGE | 13 Feb 2023
Our dependence on digital technologies is making us increasingly vulnerable.
PAGE | 08 Feb 2023
Private companies and government space organisations are increasingly pursuing the opportunities in Space.
PAGE | 02 Feb 2023
There are more and more virtual versions of real objects, systems, processes and even people.
PAGE | 14 Jul 2020
Digital transformation of our Society and, in particular, the related datafication and hyper-connectivity paradigms are increasing the ability of “everything” being improved faster and faster. Key enabling...
PAGE | 29 Apr 2020
There is a paradigm shift in computing to bring processing at the level of smart sensors, opening an opportunity for investments, regulatory frameworks, and standards. By 2023, data traffic could increase...
Standardization is a key aspect to support the development of new technological enablers aligned with regulatory efforts The European High Level Group on Artificial Intelligence is drafting ethics guidelines...
PAGE | 18 Mar 2020
Increasing synergies among synthetic biology, nanotechnology, 3D&4D printing, robotics, and the advent of AI, quantum computing, collective intelligence and yet to emerge technologies will make...