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We foster a strategic, future-oriented and anticipatory culture in the EU policymaking process.

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PAGE | 17 May 2022
Good mental health is a central part of overall health and well-being.
PAGE | 16 May 2022
How do different megatrends interact with each other? How can they impact future scenarios?
PAGE | 16 March 2022
Science and better living standards have reduced infectious diseases. Unhealthy lifestyles, pollution and other anthropogenic causes are turning into health burdens.
PAGE | 16 March 2022
New generations entering the workforce and older generations working longer are changing employment, career models, and organisational structures.
PAGE | 15 March 2022
Teachers are being asked to do increasing amounts of different types of activities, and more than just explain content in the classroom.
PAGE | 9 March 2022
By 2030, the consumer class is expected to reach almost 5 billion people. This means 1.3 billion more people with increased purchasing power than today.
PAGE | 12 January 2022
It is projected to reach 9.7 billion people in 2050 and 10.9 billion by 2100, in the context of decreasing fertility and mortality