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We foster a strategic, future-oriented and anticipatory culture in the EU policymaking process.

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PAGE | 05 Jun 2024
How do different megatrends interact with each other? How can they impact future scenarios?
PAGE | 03 Jun 2024
Understand the interplay of the various megatrends and assess their implications for the domain or issue of your choice.
This report summarises the results of a foresight study on the future of EU rural areas 2040. A set of four scenarios were developed in a participatory process with the European Network for Rural...
PAGE | 12 Sep 2023
The diversification of threats, and the people behind them, are generating new challenges for the defence and security communities, and to society as a whole.
PAGE | 11 Jul 2023
Grey conflict, hybrid warfare and technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI), autonomous weapons systems, big data, biotechnologies, hypersonic glide vehicle and quantum technologies...
PAGE | 26 Jun 2023
The societal and political significance of migration has increased. Migration dynamics have become more complex in an interconnected world.