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GLOSSARY ITEM | 26 January 2021
The biodegradable fraction of products, waste and residues from biological origin from agriculture, including vegetal and animal substances, from forestry and related industries, fisheries and aquaculture, as well as the biodegradable fraction...
GLOSSARY ITEM | 4 January 2021
Is understood that the cultivation of the end product takes place in seawater, such as fjords, inshore and open waters and inland seas in which the salinity generally exceeds 20 ‰...
GLOSSARY ITEM | 4 January 2021
The Knowledge-based economy is an expression coined to describe trends in advanced economies towards greater dependence on knowledge, information and high skill levels, and the increasing need for ready access...
GLOSSARY ITEM | 4 January 2021
Aquaculture, also known as aquafarming or fish farming (although it does not just concern fish), refers to the farming of aquatic (freshwater or saltwater) organisms, such...