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ONLINE RESOURCE | 29 July 2022
The impact of climate change on agriculture is multifold, affecting crop yield, nutritional quality and livestock productivity. Using remote sensing and pattern detection algorithms, DiCRA is able...
PUBLICATION | 11 July 2022
This study reviews the main applications of Artificial Intelligence (AI) systems in fisheries and identifies current challenges for fisheries that have the potential to be dealt with through AI. Legal...
PUBLICATION | 12 May 2022
One important constraint to farmers’ adoption of digital technologies, beyond costs, relevance, user-friendliness, human capital requirements, and perceived technology risks, is farmers’ lack of trust...
PUBLICATION | 13 April 2022
Prepared for the 15th meeting of System Council held on March 8-9, 2022, this report proposes an external review of the second set of 12 CGIAR Initiatives proposals. The...