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Digital Europa Thesaurus governance Internet
PAGE | 08 Apr 2020
Globalisation of all sectors — economic, security, information, technological development, etc.— together with increased mobility and solidarity of the population worldwide are accelerating the spread and implementation...
PAGE | 06 Apr 2020
Power distribution in multilevel government, and the combination of local, regional, national and supranational levels, could be put on the political agenda and its legitimacy enforced or increased. Emphasis...
PAGE | 18 Feb 2020
There are several types of hybrid tactics used both, by state and non-state actors. The power and diversity of hybrid warfare will continue to increase, challenging security...
PAGE | 17 Jun 2019
When social media is becoming one of the most powerful tools for shaping peoples' choices, being an "influencer" is at the reach of anyone. The number of social media users worldwide...
PAGE | 03 Oct 2018
The influences of states' governance and of multinational corporations are growing beyond their physical borders and sector of activities. The complexity and global nature of accelerating change is increasing the necessity...