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PAGE | 11 December 2020
Increasing global connectedness will continue to foster the interaction among non-state actors beyond states capacity to control it, thus challenging in several ways traditional...
PAGE | 2 September 2020
New generations entering the workforce and older generations working longer are changing employment, career models, and organisational structures.
ONLINE RESOURCE | 29 June 2020
Augment individual intelligence could eventually create functional geniuses, fundamentally changing the education and learning systems. Future prejudices could emerge between those who...
PAGE | 25 June 2020
Future of Learning: Preparing for Change - The central learning paradigm is characterised by lifelong and life-wide learning, shaped by the ubiquity of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT). To reach the goals...
PAGE | 22 June 2020
An increasingly knowledgeable society is exponentially rising the amount and quality of knowledge that becomes ubiquitously available. Knowledge is becoming more accessible to everyone everywhere as never before.There is increased...
A forward looking sociotechnical exploration of existing, emerging and potential applications based on blockchain and other distributed ledger technologies (DLTs) for industrial/non-financial sectors.
PAGE | 8 April 2020
Transnational organised crime is estimated as having a budget twice larger than all military budgets combined. How much influence and governing power could non-state actors...
PAGE | 8 April 2020
Globalisation of all sectors — economic, security, information, technological development, etc.— together with increased mobility and solidarity of the population worldwide are accelerating the spread and implementation...