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ONLINE RESOURCE | 26 April 2022
Eurostat publishes annual data on forestry which come from two different 'questionnaires'. The Joint Forest Sector Questionnaire (JFSQ) The European Forest Accounts
LUCAS Cover photos 2009-2018 over the EU: 874,646 spatially distributed geo-tagged close-up photos with land cover and plant species label.
PUBLICATION | 26 January 2022
Sustainably managing land systems is an essential component of the path towards sustainable development: land use is the main driver of biodiversity loss and 23% of total anthropogenic greenhouse...
PUBLICATION | 9 December 2021
The EU agricultural outlook, published once a year, presents the outlook for major EU agricultural markets, income and environment from now until 2031. It is based on a set...
PUBLICATION | 22 December 2021
Biodiversity is an intangible asset essential for ecosystem function and human wellbeing. The European Union is at the forefront of biodiversity management and policy implementation and has set ambitious strategies to better...