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We support the EU global commitment to end hunger, achieve food security and improve nutrition through a dedicated, reinforced science-policy interface and a fostered inter-policy dialogue.

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PUBLICATION | 22 September 2022
IFAD is a key partner in Haiti’s rural development. Its series of strategies, projects and programmes since 1978 testify to its long-standing commitment against rural poverty, with the active...
Home to one-quarter of humanity — one-fifth of whom are youth — South Asia has the world’s largest concentration of poverty and malnutrition. The Green Revolution positioned...
PUBLICATION | 29 August 2022
This Inception Report outlines the planned strategy for assessing the impact of the UNICEF-WFP resilience programme in South Sudan on the dynamics of population well-being and resilience. The impact evaluation is intended to...
PUBLICATION | 29 August 2022
WFP and partners have undertaken an analysis of climate risks in 9 countries and recommended programmes to address identified risks. Climate change is driving global hunger. WFP...