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PAGE | 30 March 2020
Cybersecurity has evolved into an unconventional warfare on a multidimensional, multilayered, and asymmetric battlespace. For instance, as cyber-weapons and unmanned sensors and vehicles are becoming key military elements, critical...
ONLINE RESOURCE | 20 March 2020
Standardization is a key aspect to support the development of new technological enablers aligned with regulatory efforts The European High Level Group on Artificial Intelligence is drafting ethics guidelines...
PAGE | 18 March 2020
The unpredictable nature of the uses of new technology in daily life depends to a large extent on the opportunities for social experimentation available to the users most involved. In this context, the trends of hyperconnectivity...
PAGE | 7 June 2019
Never before have technological advances had so great an impact on security; not only increasing the nature and level of threats, but also for the possibility of providing the means to address...
ONLINE RESOURCE | 13 September 2018
Blockchain and IOTA expansion calls a multistakeholder consensus to create the regulatory, cultural and organizational conditions they need to succeed. | Related Megatrends: Work; Inequalities More...