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PAGE | 8 April 2020
Globalisation of all sectors — economic, security, information, technological development, etc.— together with increased mobility and solidarity of the population worldwide are accelerating the spread and implementation...
ONLINE RESOURCE | 20 March 2020
Standardization is a key aspect to support the development of new technological enablers aligned with regulatory efforts The European High Level Group on Artificial Intelligence is drafting ethics guidelines...
PAGE | 18 March 2020
The unpredictable nature of the uses of new technology in daily life depends to a large extent on the opportunities for social experimentation available to the users most involved. In this context, the trends of hyperconnectivity...
PAGE | 24 July 2019
Digitalisation and new technologies are fundamentally changing the nature of work, business models, institutions and society as a whole.Strategies have to be developed to address:
ONLINE RESOURCE | 12 December 2018
AI is bringing many benefits to our society, including greater inclusion and access to information, goods and services. Nevertheless, it also carries significant risks, including...
PAGE | 11 December 2018
Synergies among engineering, physical sciences, computation, and life sciences are revolutionising medicine and health – advancing techniques to regenerate lost limbs and replace malfunctioning...