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The dejuvenation and ageing of Europe's population puts society for some major challenges. The development towards a knowledge-based society requires continues investment in new knowledge and skills. Given...
The European Demographic Datasheet shows key demographic data; population trends and projections until 2050. It covers fertility; mortality; migration and population structure; including...
ONLINE RESOURCE | 18 November 2022
Eurostat's statistics on population, demography and migration comprises data by various breakdowns and derived statistics such as ageing and population structure, population characteristics, population density, population...
ONLINE RESOURCE | 18 November 2022
Demographic ageing In the next few decades, the proportion of elderly people in EU countries is set to rise fast, while the proportion of working-age people will fall significantly...
NEWS | 15 November 2022
The world population is expected to reach 8 billion around 15 November 2022. A new story of the Atlas of Demography illustrates EU population trends in the context of ever-growing...
The EU in the world of 8 billion people
ORGANISATION | 4 November 2022
The United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) is the lead UN agency for delivering a world where every pregnancy is wanted, every childbirth is safe and every young person's...