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DATASET | 4 January 2021
Forest boundaries are the forest edges (periphery 100m width) of patches when patches are wide enough to contain an interior area. They likely contain...
DATASET | 4 January 2021
Connectivity (or isolation) is measured with a network-based habitat availability index that quantifies functional connectivity on the basis of the forest area, its spatial configuration, inter-patch distances, matrix...
DATASET | 4 January 2021
The landscape forest fragmentation in a given region is characterised from three measures: the forest cover share in ‘core natural’ pattern, in ‘mixed natural’ pattern and in ‘some natural’ pattern...
DATASET | 4 January 2021
Linear forest elements have an elongated and thin forest morphological shape of maximum 200m width. They are structural connectors which potentially function as path...
DATASET | 4 January 2021
The forest proportion beyond a fixed edge width (100m) -Core Forest Proportion index- is used as a generic proxy for interior forest area and reported for the year 2006...