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PUBLICATION | 15 December 2021
Securing Food for All in Bangladesh presents an array of research that collectively addresses four broad issues: (1) agricultural technology adoption; (2) input use and agricultural...
PUBLICATION | 12 July 2021
Since gaining independence in 1971, Bangladesh has increased its real per capita income by more than 130 per cent and cut poverty by over half. This rapid economic growth...
PUBLICATION | 29 October 2020
Cox's Bazar, a district within Chattogram division, predominantly relies on tourism and fishery related businesses. The district remains one of the poorest in Bangladesh and is highly susceptible to recurrent...
PUBLICATION | 5 June 2020
According tot the results of a rapid response telephonic survey in Bangladesh, led by the Power and Participation Research Centre (PPRC) and the BRAC Institute for Governance and Development (BIGD), already...