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Digital Europa Thesaurus labour market new technology
PAGE | 2 September 2020
New generations entering the workforce and older generations working longer are changing employment, career models, and organisational structures.
PAGE | 6 April 2020
Policymaking has to adapt to an increasingly digital and data-driven world as well as an increasingly (dis)informed citizenry.AI algorithms are increasingly impacting all aspects of life and add another...
PAGE | 23 July 2019
The digital age is disrupting labour markets and changing skills needs. Technological progress—automation, AI and other emerging technologies—change the nature of work and employment. New work patterns...
PAGE | 15 October 2018
S&T advancements are an important source for creating new work opportunities — both as self-employment, as well as new jobs, not even known yet. In India...
PAGE | 12 October 2018
By 2030, hyper-connected, tech savvy millennials will make up 75% of the workforce. Some 20%-30% of working-age population in Europe and the USA are engaged in some kind of independent...