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PUBLICATION | 2 December 2021
In humanitarian situations where access to affected populations is limited or non-existent, information required for IPC analysis is often unavailable, or the information that is available does not meet the IPC...
PUBLICATION | 2 December 2021
IPC projections can be considered as the most valuable outputs of IPC acute food insecurity analyses: they are regularly used for fundraising, awarenessraising, and planning...
PUBLICATION | 2 December 2021
The estimate of dietary energy consumption is typically provided by an assessment of the probability of energy intake in a population (or group of individuals) obtained from data collected through individual dietary...
PUBLICATION | 2 December 2021
For IPC, areas and populations are classified based on their actual food consumption and livelihood coping strategies (or, for projections, the most likely conditions) without removing...
PUBLICATION | 2 December 2021
This document aims at providing more in-depth knowledge about Famine classifications, especially to the analysts and facilitators analysing a possible Famine situation. As a result, the document includes detailed...