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Digital Europa Thesaurus digital transformation Organisation of work
PAGE | 2 September 2020
New generations entering the workforce and older generations working longer are changing employment, career models, and organisational structures.
PAGE | 24 July 2019
Digitalisation and new technologies are fundamentally changing the nature of work, business models, institutions and society as a whole.Strategies have to be developed to address:
ONLINE RESOURCE | 12 December 2018
AI is bringing many benefits to our society, including greater inclusion and access to information, goods and services. Nevertheless, it also carries significant risks, including...
ONLINE RESOURCE | 14 November 2018
Digital technologies will fundamentally change business models, institutions and society as a whole, as new ecosystems emerge. The “digital revolution” is impacting everything from economy, innovation, science...
ONLINE RESOURCE | 14 November 2018
Focus of policy should switch from primarily economic to socio-economic, as the scope and spectrum of digitalization expands and affects most sectors and activities. With increasing demographic imbalances, retirement and fiscal...
ONLINE RESOURCE | 13 September 2018
A "Technology-readiness Index" (similar to the German IW Digital Index) could assess and map the degree of technological-readiness (of companies and policy support) to assist policy and strategy design...
ONLINE RESOURCE | 25 July 2018
Blockchain and IOTA expansion calls a multistakeholder consensus to create the regulatory, cultural and organizational conditions they need to succeed. | Related Megatrends: Technology; Inequalities