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Digital Europa Thesaurus Industry Production
Data on labour input in forestry and loggings, expressed in annual working units (Thousand AWU). One AWU corresponds to the work performed by one person who is occupied...
Data on landings (national landings in domestic ports, national landings in foreign ports, foreign landings in domestic ports) in tonnes by country and year. The Fisheries Committee (COFI)...
Data on production from aquaculture in thousand tonnes and thousand USD by country and year. The original financial data is collected in National currency, current values. For analytical purposes and data...
Data on fish catches and number of fishers from from recreational fisheries in tonnes and total number, respectively, broken down by country and year. The Fisheries Committee (COFI) from the Trade and Agriculture...
PUBLICATION | 20 March 2016
Providing regular analysis and data is fundamental for policy makers and stakeholders to monitor the development of an economic sector and make the necessary decisions to maximize the benefits it generates, be...