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Knowledge service Bioeconomy Digital Europa Thesaurus Food Production
DATASET | 4 January 2021
Data on producer prices in industry by economic activity (NACE Rev.2) expressed in output price index (2010) and percentage change compared to same period in the previous year...
DATASET | 4 January 2021
Data on production of agricultural produce (processed crops). The dataset covers the following commodities: Beer of barley; Cotton lint; Cottonseed; Margarine, short; Molasses; Oil, coconut...
DATASET | 4 January 2021
Data on stocks of live animals. The dataset contains the following commodities and commodity aggregates thereof : Animals live n.e.s.; Asses; Beehives; Buffaloes; Camelids, other...
PUBLICATION | 26 January 2018
Food consumption is amongst the main drivers of environmental impacts. On one hand, there is the need to fulfil a fundamental human need for nutrition, and on the other hand this poses critical...