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Related organisations IRENA - International Renewable Energy Agency Digital Europa Thesaurus bioenergy Production capacity
Data on renewable energy balances for a number of countries by category (primary energy, transformation and losses, consumption by sector and by use, and gross electricity and heat), subcategory (imports, exports...
Overview data on total final energy consumption (in industry, transport and buildings), gross electricity generation, electricity capacity, district heat generation, by country, sector...
Data by energy generation, power capacity and country. Users can compare multiple countries in the ‘Country Comparison’ sheet. Data for 2010 and the reference scenario (2030), expressed...
Data on electricity power capacity and generationby renewable sources per country and subtechnology (liquid biofuels, biogas and solid biomass) The Renewable Energy Capacity data in IRENA REsource...
Overview data on the key renewable energy map by country. Data on final energy consumption, electricity capacity, and energy sector demand by technology for 2010 and the reference case...