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Digital Europa Thesaurus Agriculture water
PUBLICATION | 20 April 2022
The contribution of agriculture in India’s national gross value added (GVA) is only about 17%. However, its role in human wellbeing is vital considering its critical...
PUBLICATION | 6 April 2022
Climate-smart agriculture (CSA) is an approach aiming to transform and reorient agricultural systems, in a way to support the development and ensure food security in the face of climate change. The CSA approach...
PUBLICATION | 2 March 2022
The worldwide interest in cultivating quinoa (Chenopodium quinoa, Willd.) is mainly due to the plant's hardiness and its strong nutritional potential. It is one of the main foods of the Andean...
PUBLICATION | 14 February 2022
The Roadmaps (Afghanistan; Bangladesh; Bhutan; India; Maldives; Nepal; Pakistan; Sri Lanka) identify climate action in key transitions: The Agriculture, Food, Water, and Land...
PUBLICATION | 16 November 2021
Impacts of climate change on water Historically, increased rainfall variability has been one of the most significant impacts of climate change in the Philippines. Future projections indicate...
PUBLICATION | 10 November 2021
The Union of Comoros, made up of the three islands of Grand Comore, Anjouan_and_Moheli, faces a range of natural disasters including volcanic eruptions, cyclones, flash floods, torrential rains...