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We foster a strategic, future-oriented and anticipatory culture in the EU policymaking process.

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TOPIC / TOOL | 05 Jun 2024
Megatrends are long-term driving forces that are observable now and will most likely have significant influence on the future.
TOPIC / TOOL | 20 Feb 2024
Toolkit for policy-makers: Strategic conversations on digital transition for farmers and rural communities
TOPIC / TOOL | 09 Nov 2023
Data exploration tool to support anticipatory policy-making on Distributed Ledger Technologies (DLTs) for social and public good.
#DLT4Good Scanning
TOPIC / TOOL | 07 Nov 2023
Helps identify emerging issues, weak signals of change and events that could lead to changes in behaviour, strategy or policy.
TOPIC / TOOL | 10 Jan 2023
Workshop-based tool designed to engage with industry sectors, develop shared long-term visions and identify challenges and opportunities.
TOPIC / TOOL | 20 Aug 2021
Seven discussion formats for a forward-looking debate on migration and integration.
Migration Discussion Toolkit
TOPIC / TOOL | 19 Jun 2020
A guide to provide practitioners, policy makers and beginners the means to understand and practice foresight.
TOPIC / TOOL | 09 Jun 2020
Workshop-based tool designed to facilitate the systems thinking approach.
TOPIC / TOOL | 09 Jun 2020
Tool developed to stimulate policy debates. You can play it in 4 to 8 persons, with a duration of approximatively 2h.
FuturGov Game