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TOPIC / TOOL | 29 March 2021
Access maps, visualisations and more resources on algae biomass: What kinds of algae are produced? How and where?
TOPIC / TOOL | 12 March 2021
Learn more on EU policies relevant to the bioeconomy: key strategies, legislations and financing instruments in one place!
TOPIC / TOOL | 8 February 2021
Discover how the bio-based sectors contribute to the economy of the EU and its Member States!
TOPIC / TOOL | 3 December 2020
Explore data and information on forestry biomass and the state of EU forests: key figures, visualisations, publications and other resources selected for you!
TOPIC / TOOL | 3 December 2020
Dig into data, visualisations and other resources on agricultural biomass in the EU: how much biomass is produced? What types and where? And much more!
TOPIC / TOOL | 1 April 2020
Biomass is the physical basis of the bioeconomy and at the core of the societal challenges it addresses. Knowledge on biomass production, availability and use is key.
TOPIC / TOOL | 18 October 2018
Environmental impacts of bioeconomy sectors must be monitored in order to ensure that the bioeconomy operates within safe ecological limits.