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TOPIC / TOOL | 20 Jun 2024
European farmers are key to a sustainable EU. Understanding farmers’ decisions can lead to more effective agricultural policies.
TOPIC / TOOL | 06 Jun 2024
As consumers, we sometimes make decisions too quickly or without integrating all the relevant information. Behavioural insights can help us correct these 'biases'.
TOPIC / TOOL | 08 Jan 2024
Clean, affordable and secure energy is fundamental to a carbon-free EU. Understanding European’s energy-related decisions can contribute to better EU energy policy.
TOPIC / TOOL | 12 Dec 2023
Behavioural factors help explain why people do or do not pay their taxes. These insights can inform tax policies.
TOPIC / TOOL | 09 Oct 2023
The CCBI seminar series features monthly presentations by leaders in their respective research fields.
TOPIC / TOOL | 19 Jun 2023
The way we think, feel and act sometimes creates or reinforces exclusions and inequalities. Understanding these behavioural factors is crucial to solving these problems.
TOPIC / TOOL | 15 May 2023
Understanding how employers and employees take work-related decisions can help shape better employment policies.
TOPIC / TOOL | 15 May 2023
Communicating with Europeans is integral to the work of the European Commission. Effective communication can profit from knowledge about the behavioural factors of the target population.
TOPIC / TOOL | 15 May 2023
Behavioural factors other than profit maximisation influence our financial decisions. Understanding these factors can improve market regulation and policies aimed at protecting investors.