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PUBLICATION | 19 May 2022
This brochure introduces the EU B4LIfe initiative for supporting developing countries in protecting biodiversity, ensuring sustainable livelihoods and combating wildlife crime. It presents detailed information...
PUBLICATION | 15 December 2015
In this paper, we explore one mechanism that may underlie the negative relationship between social capital and smoking: whether social capital strengthens the effect of anti-smoking regulations...
PUBLICATION | 15 December 2015
The analysis of the relationship between social capital and smoking, and more generally between social capital and health-related behaviors, has been so far the only attempt of studying...
PUBLICATION | 25 January 2022
The right to adequate food in emergency programmes demonstrates the relevance of the right to adequate food and related human rights standards to the work on emergencies and provides guidance on how to integrate...
PUBLICATION | 21 May 2021
The Innovation Output Indicator was developed by the Commission at the request of the European Council to benchmark national innovation policies and to monitor the EU’s performance against its main trading...
The Innovation Output Indicator 2014: Methodology Report