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Knowledge service Migration and Demography Content type Publication
PUBLICATION | 30 May 2021
The International Migration Drivers report quantifies the relative weight of the drivers of migration at international level in a comprehensive way by income levels of countries of origin. Different channels of migration...
PUBLICATION | 30 May 2021
An analysis of past and present migration patterns from and within Africa and the main drivers explaining African migration flows, including individual characteristics of Africans who prepare to move...
PUBLICATION | 30 May 2021
In 2019, there were an estimated 1.8 billion people aged 15-29 in the world population. As these people grow up, entering social and economic independence along...
PUBLICATION | 12 April 2021
This report aims at detailing the territorial diversities of ageing across the EU, understanding the main drivers behind such differences and explore their relations with data on access to services...