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PAGE | 10 November 2022
Demand for water, food, energy, land and minerals is rising substantially, making natural resources increasingly scarce and more expensive.
PAGE | 6 October 2022
The shift of economic power from the established Western economies and Japan towards the emerging economies in the East and South is set to continue.
PAGE | 19 September 2022
Science and better living standards have reduced infectious diseases. Unhealthy lifestyles, pollution and other anthropogenic causes are turning into health burdens.
PAGE | 14 September 2022
New generations entering the workforce and older generations working longer are changing employment, career models, and organisational structures.
PAGE | 12 August 2022
The diversification of threats, and the people behind them, are generating new challenges for the defence and security communities, and to society as a whole.
PAGE | 16 May 2022
How do different megatrends interact with each other? How can they impact future scenarios?
PAGE | 9 March 2022
By 2030, the consumer class is expected to reach almost 5 billion people. This means 1.3 billion more people with increased purchasing power than today.