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Context An ECDC survey in 2021 found uneven spread of capacity for behavioural and social science research during the COVID-19 pandemic in the EU. The BI4EU project aims to identify...
GLOSSARY ITEM | 12 Jul 2024
In the production and trade statistics, it represents the sum of plywood, particle board, OSB and fibreboard. It is reported in cubic metres solid volume. Eurostat, FAO, ITTO...
Highlights on food and nutrition security: The report on Chad highlights several key aspects of food and nutrition security, emphasizing both current challenges and proposed policy measures...
GLOSSARY ITEM | 12 Jul 2024
Roundwood being used as fuel for purposes such as cooking, heating or power production. It includes wood harvested from main stems, branches and other parts of trees...
GLOSSARY ITEM | 12 Jul 2024
The water footprint is an indicator of direct and indirect appropriation of freshwater resources over the entire supply chain. Hoekstra, A.Y., Chapagain, A.K., Aldaya, M.M. and Mekonnen, M.M...
PAGE | 12 Jul 2024
Russia’s war against Ukraine & global food security - Selected Resources 2024
GLOSSARY ITEM | 12 Jul 2024
Product wholly or partly derived from biomass. - Note 1 to entry: The bio-based product is normally characterized by the bio-based carbon content or the bio-based content. For the determination and declaration...