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Knowledge Centre for Territorial Policies

We support EU policymaking through better knowledge management on territorial (urban and regional) related issues.

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PAGE | 7 December 2021
Latest update: 5 May 2021 Reference at national level: AMECO Spring forecast 2021 Download format: OpenDocument Demography Code Variable Unit Level...
PAGE | 9 December 2020
Database ARDECO is the Annual Regional Database of the European Commission's Directorate General for Regional and Urban Policy, maintained and updated by the Joint Research Centre. The database contains a set...
PAGE | 3 December 2020
The Knowledge Centre for Territorial Policies provides access to platforms and models that are used to generate scenarios and make information available to stakeholders and partners. The added value of the integrated...
TOPIC / TOOL | 29 October 2018
Help cities to grow sustainably through sharing of knowledge, funding, and other urban policies and initiatives.
TOPIC / TOOL | 24 September 2018
Enable regions to realise their full potential by achieving lasting improvement in the economy and quality of life for everybody, wherever they live.
PAGE | 19 September 2018
Economic and societal challenges (economic growth, employment, poverty, migration, energy production and consumption …) cannot be fully understood without a territorially disaggregated dimension...
PAGE | 27 July 2018
Tools provided by the European Commission Urban Data Platform plusUrban Data Platform plus (UDPplus) is a joint initiative of the JRC and DG REGIO. It provides a 360...
PAGE | 23 July 2018
Demography can be defined as the statistical study of the size and characteristics of human population, and of its history and evolution across time and space. Through demography we can...
PAGE | 18 July 2018
Trust and quality of public services There is a recognised belief that countries with better institutions—both soft, such as trust and norms, and hard, such as rule of law and good governance—can...