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Knowledge Centre on Migration and Demography

Deepening our understanding of opportunities and challenges related to demographic change, migration and mobility.

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PAGE | 18 September 2021
An interactive tool and reference book making data on migration in 198 countries accessible for policymakers, researchers and the general public.
TOPIC / TOOL | 21 June 2021
Legal migration deals with international mobility of people and their stay, while integration focuses on how people become part of the destination countries’ societies.
TOPIC / TOOL | 20 June 2021
To develop methodologies for the responsible and ethical use of innovative data sources to inform migration and demographic policies.
TOPIC / TOOL | 20 June 2021
Data collection, dissemination, analyses, monitoring of trends to contribute to the management of international migration.
TOPIC / TOOL | 3 June 2021
Studying how issues of demography have an impact on EU societies, also at the global level.
PAGE | 13 February 2021
The European Commission's Knowledge Centre on Migration and Demography (KCMD) aims to provide independent scientific evidence for strengthening the Commission’s response to the opportunities and challenges related to migration, demography...
PAGE | 12 February 2021
Migration Profiles provide crucial information on migration and development. Standardised in approach and regularly updated, they allow for comparability across countries.