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Digital Europa Thesaurus climate change Content type Online Resource
ONLINE RESOURCE | 29 July 2022
The impact of climate change on agriculture is multifold, affecting crop yield, nutritional quality and livestock productivity. Using remote sensing and pattern detection algorithms, DiCRA is able...
ONLINE RESOURCE | 12 July 2022
CCI (Climate Change Initiative) uses climate knowledge and technical capabilities from across ESA Member States to support research and development.
ONLINE RESOURCE | 26 April 2022
This section brings together statistics from various domains in an easily accessible and structured way, to help you find data to better understand, analyse and monitor climate change.
ONLINE RESOURCE | 7 April 2022
Eurostat released a new interactive visualisation tool showing statistics relevant for the European Green Deal, which is one of the 6 European Commission priorities for 2019 –...
ONLINE RESOURCE | 2 March 2022
Agrilinks is an online hub where agriculture, food security and development professionals connect, share and learn. Agrilinks is part of the U.S. Government's Feed the Future initiative. It...