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ONLINE RESOURCE | 24 March 2020
Fiscal strategies, social protection and labour market policies should consider support the increasing independent, solo-preneurship, and flexible work systems to address the root-causes of the emerging work...
ONLINE RESOURCE | 12 December 2018
As AI is changing the jobs landscape, investing in re-skilling and education of workers is mandatory in order to help them adjust to new requirements and avoid having tens of millions of people...
ONLINE RESOURCE | 14 November 2018
Coherent strategies and policy approach are needed to avoid potential disruptive structural changes and to assure that digitalization benefits the majority of the population, encourages further innovation and development...
ONLINE RESOURCE | 14 November 2018
Digital technologies will fundamentally change business models, institutions and society as a whole, as new ecosystems emerge. The “digital revolution” is impacting everything from economy, innovation, science...
ONLINE RESOURCE | 14 November 2018
Focus of policy should switch from primarily economic to socio-economic, as the scope and spectrum of digitalization expands and affects most sectors and activities. With increasing demographic imbalances, retirement and fiscal...
ONLINE RESOURCE | 12 October 2018
EU-wide policy should regulate the social and economic aspects of AI and robotisation (including robot taxation) to guarantee a standard level of economic benefit and security for society. More...
ONLINE RESOURCE | 12 October 2018
Shared economy platforms (e.g. Uber, AirBnB, Helping, Upwork, etc.) proliferate outside the existing labour laws and regulations; therefore, new employment and self-regulation system...
ONLINE RESOURCE | 25 July 2018
Blockchain and IOTA expansion calls a multistakeholder consensus to create the regulatory, cultural and organizational conditions they need to succeed. | Related Megatrends: Technology; Inequalities