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ONLINE RESOURCE | 2 August 2022
Within the context of the OECD’s collaboration with the Directorate General for Structural Reform Support (DG REFORM) of the European Commission, the OECD is supporting a number of EU Member States in their...
ONLINE RESOURCE | 29 July 2022
The Food Prices for Nutrition DataHub's diet cost and affordability indicators use the least cost combination of locally available foods to meet the needs of a representative adult requiring...
ONLINE RESOURCE | 29 July 2022
The impact of climate change on agriculture is multifold, affecting crop yield, nutritional quality and livestock productivity. Using remote sensing and pattern detection algorithms, DiCRA is able...
ONLINE RESOURCE | 12 July 2022
CCI (Climate Change Initiative) uses climate knowledge and technical capabilities from across ESA Member States to support research and development.
ONLINE RESOURCE | 11 July 2022
Fisheries and aquaculture have the capacity – if supported and developed in a regulated and environmentally sensitive manner – to contribute significantly to improving the well-being of poor and disadvantaged communities...
ONLINE RESOURCE | 11 July 2022
BRANCHES aims to implement the implementation of new cost-effective technologies; mobilize more biomass and create innovative business opportunities in rural areas by improving and strengthening the links between...
With 36 partners in 16 countries and led by the European Forest Institute, SUPERB aims to restore thousands of hectares of forest landscape across Europe. To implement this, we...
The conflict in Ukraine started on 24 February 2022. Besides devastating the lives of the population of Ukraine and decimating critical parts of the country’s infrastructure and economy, the armed conflict has...