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NEWS | 21 Sep 2022
As warmer air can hold more moisture, meteorologists were already warning earlier in the year that the extreme temperatures might result in higher than normal monsoon rains...
Data captured from space by Copernicus Sentinel-1 on 30 August. The left side of the Copernicus Sentinel-1 image shows a wide view of the area affected and the image on the right zooms into the area between Dera Murad Jamali  (Balochistan) and Larkana (Sindh). The Indus River has overflowed, effectively creating a long lake, tens of kilometres wide. The blue to black colours show where the land is submerged.
NEWS | 20 Jul 2022
Satellite images show the temperature of the land surface in southern France, Spain and northern Africa in the morning of 17 July.
Feeling the heat from space