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PAGE | 26 Jun 2023
The societal and political significance of migration has increased. Migration dynamics have become more complex in an interconnected world.
TOPIC / TOOL | 20 Aug 2021
Seven discussion formats for a forward-looking debate on migration and integration.
Migration Discussion Toolkit
PAGE | 11 Dec 2020
Environmental security is increasingly dominating national and international agendas, shifting defense and geopolitical paradigms. Worldwide, the number of displacements associated with natural disasters is considerably higher than that of those...
PAGE | 10 Dec 2020
Increasing rate of desertification reduces the amount of farming land.| Related Megatrends: Climate and environment In China, soil erosion is of about 5 billion tonnes annually affecting...
PAGE | 08 Sep 2020
Eurobarometer surveys between 2011 and 2019 show that the shares of people mentioning immigration as one of the most important issues for the EU reached a peak during the so-called asylum...
PAGE | 08 Sep 2020
The total number of migrant children in the EU was estimated at 6.9 million in 2018 with about 2.6 million EU citizens that live in another Member State and about...
PAGE | 08 Sep 2020
Developments In the past 20 years, the number of non-EU immigrants and mobile EU citizens living in EU-27 Member States and the UK has increased by about 60 per cent...