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Digital Europa Thesaurus agricultural production Content type Event Page
The Transformative Partnership Platform (TPP) on Agroecology and its partners are pleased to invite you to a virtual event to discuss policies for transitions to agroecological food systems.
In the context of the preparation of the 2021 edition of the EU Agricultural Outlook, DG AGRI is organising for the first time a Spring workshop to identify and discuss the main trends in the agri-food markets...
In the webinar latest developments and innovative solutions for the sustainable production of biomass and low-ILUC risk options in agriculture will be discussed, including also a contribution by FNR about...
PAGE | 6 June 2019
Approximately 20-30% of the Earth’s vegetated surface shows persistent declining trends in productivity over the past 20 years. This is mainly due to land and water use, as well...
PAGE | 1 October 2018
In 1950 there were 5,600m2 of arable land per person, if present trends continue, by 2050, this might be reduced to only 1,500m2, due to population growth...