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TOPIC / TOOL | 15 October 2021
The multi-annual Enlightenment 2.0 research programme seeks to provide the interdisciplinary scientific underpinning to optimise this evolution of the political decision-making process.
TOPIC / TOOL | 15 October 2021
Agroecology can enhance ecological and socio-economic resilience of agricultural and food systems.
TOPIC / TOOL | 15 October 2021
Transition to sustainable food systems is essential to end hunger, malnutrition and poverty while preserving the environment.
TOPIC / TOOL | 20 September 2021
Strengthening and connecting science for policy ecosystems across the European Union and within its Member States (MS)
TOPIC / TOOL | 16 September 2021
The country dashboard depict key agro-economic indicators by countries.
TOPIC / TOOL | 31 August 2021
This section includes topics related to the promotion of mental health and the prevention of depression, work related stress, and dementia.