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We provide a networked approach to the science-policy interface in Disaster Risk Management (DRM), across the EU Commission, Member States and the DRM community worldwide.

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PUBLICATION | 21 December 2020
Following the previous Report, Science for DRM 2017: knowing better and losing less, the current Report will approach the Disaster Risk Management cycle through the potential...
PUBLICATION | 30 August 2017
The Social Media in Crisis Management Workshop was held in the European Crisis Management Laboratory (ECML) of the Joint Research Centre in Ispra, Italy, from 11 to 12 October...
PUBLICATION | 14 June 2021
This report summarizes a year of drought events through the monitoring and forecasting activity of European (EDO) and Global (GDO) Drought Observatories, as part of the Copernicus Emergency Management Service...
PUBLICATION | 16 October 2020
This report describes the concept and methodology of INFORM Severity Index. INFORM is a multi-stakeholder forum for developing shared, quantitative analysis, relevant to humanitarian crisis and disasters globally to establish...
INFORM Severity Index
PUBLICATION | 1 June 2020
The INFORM COVID-19 Risk Index is an experimental adaptation of the INFORM Epidemic Risk Index and aims to identify: “countries at risk from health and humanitarian impacts of COVID-19 that could overwhelm...
INFORM Covid-19 Risk Index